April 21, 2012

amor y amargo {love & bitters}

My earliest association with bitters was an ancient-looking bottle of Fernet-Branca that my Italian grandparents kept in their liquor cabinet. Despite the little glasses they would sip after dinner each night, mysteriously the bottle's volume never seemed to change. I couldn't understand how they drank the stuff; one sniff and I was terrified.

Fortunately, my taste for bitter food and drink has grown considerably since then - I've even developed a fondness (though not quite love) for Campari. Time to take my bitters education to the next level.

My friend - and frequent conspirator in foodie adventures - Ray had read about the bitters bar Amor y Amargo in Edible recently and wanted to check it out. So last week we hustled down to the east village after work, intent on claiming a couple of seats at the tiny bar before it filled up.

April 18, 2012

banana hemp spice smoothie

spring is springing, and the petite meyer lemon treelet i bought last fall is budding like mad! excitement of the week :) no lemons yet, just the promise of them, but we shall see. there might be a tea-party-sized meyer lemon vinaigrette in my future, you never know.