February 29, 2012

crispy spiced pepitas + my favorite portable lunch

my all-time favorite brown-bag lunch is a marinated tuscan kale + parsley salad with avocado, currants, and spiced toasted pepitas. it's so ridiculously easy, you can have it fully assembled in 5 minutes right before bedtime (maybe one day i'll be able to do this while i brush my teeth, but i'm not there yet :) or in the morning while the coffee brews.

February 27, 2012

triple lentil stew with red quinoa + toasted coconut

do you ever find yourself in a leftover lentil situation?

by that i'm referring to a pantry jammed with near-empty jars holding small, uneven quantities of different lentil varieties. each amount isn't quite enough to cook on its own, but clearly they need to be used for something .... and they've been sitting around for what seems like forever .... it's one of those kitchen dilemmas.

you've been there? then this is the stew for you. no idea what i'm talking about? then go out and get some lentils, quick, 'cause you'll want to make this anyway. it has toasted coconut on top!

February 20, 2012

collard + roasted chickpea salad with golden goddess dressing

this salad is a winner. and i'm so eager to share it with you that i couldn't wait till i had a real, non-hipstamatic photo of it.

here it is, in all its fuzzy green-and-gold glory.

February 13, 2012

spiced almond kudzu brew

i've been really into bedtime brews lately. they've become a big part of my getting-in-sync-with-winter plan. which is to do my best to take things slowwwwww. 

nowadays we aren't often encouraged to scale back our pace during the colder months. our lifestyles, particularly in cities, hardly change at all with the seasons. this time last year i was doing my fair share of running around, parka-clad, from the office to sweaty evening vinyasa classes, eating late dinners, and the like. didn't feel all that good though. so in early december, seeing another winter approaching, i thought about how i might do things differently.

February 6, 2012

olive oil steel-cut oats


just stopping in with a quick question: have you tried olive oil on your oatmeal? if the answer's no, i'm here today to convince you to give it a go.