January 30, 2012

whole wheat banana avocado bread

* bake me something! * was the request from the ravenous yogi a couple of days ago.

whole wheat, banana, and avocado weren't necessarily part of the demand, but ... at this point he's accepted that my baking endeavors inevitably lean toward the hearty, the rough-hewn, and the whole grain.

when he went back for a second slice i figured i'd scored on this one; only then did i tell tell him there was avocado in there. timing is everything.

January 23, 2012

creamy herb cashew cheese

this cashew cheese is the first non-smoothie concoction i've tried with my new vitamix so far. silky-smooth and savory, it's a nice raw vegan alternative to include on a cheese or appetizer platter, spread on flatbreads or toast, or layer into a sandwich. and so simple to make.

January 16, 2012

chicken & leek soup with shiitakes

well, hello there.

welcome to the blog previously known as the smart palate.

now it's kale and cardamom, named in honor of my favorite leafy green and favorite spice, both of which happen to be my favorite color (if we're talking green cardamom pods, at least).

why the name change?