July 6, 2012

five for friday ~ 7/6/12

Hello and Happy Friday! Hope you're enjoying a mellow holiday week.

Lately my world has revolved around eating watermelon, home improvement projects with the yogi, eating more watermelon, the bliss of sipping cold beers in front a newly installed air conditioner, eating even more watermelon, and creating all sort of new salad combinations (of both the sweet and savory variety) filled with juicy summer fruits (and usually including, you guessed it, watermelon ;). Summer is definitely here!
Some links to start the weekend ~ ~ ~

This might be the year I finally buy popsicle molds; then I can live on these beauties all summer long (plus watermelon, in equal measure :). Zabar's, here I come!

July screams for this vibrant Israeli salad with herbs, nuts, and seeds.

A cleverly designed lid to make mason-jar-sipping even more enjoyable (and portable).

A primer on food photography.

Mojito-inspired smoothies.

Hop on over to the Kale and Cardamom page for more summer recipes ~ quick, simple, and mostly raw these days.

Have a sweet weekend, friends :)


  1. Really liking your 5 for friday themes!! I appreciate getting sent to cool places you like :)

    1. thanks, jessica! having fun with 'em :)