June 1, 2012

five for friday

This weekend I'm looking forward to staying up past my bedtime, sleeping in, doing some yoga, and of course, playing in the kitchen.

Later today the Yogi and I are off to explore the Batali-Bastianich extravaganza that is Eataly (finally! - can't believe it's taken me nearly 2 years, when my office is a mere 20 blocks away). I'm especially looking forward to checking out the vegetable butcher and rooftop Birreria, and coming home with a nice selection of gianduja treats.

To celebrate the arrival of another wondrous Spring weekend, I thought it would be fun to share some food-related links I've been admiring lately -- five in honor of Friday. Once I started compiling the list, unsurprisingly, I found it nearly impossible to control myself. So much great stuff out there. I was well on my way to creating a Fifteen for Friday, but I reeled myself in and kept it to (about) five.

Here we go (accompanied by some pics taken along my walk home last evening)...

1. My love for creamy, nutty fingerling potatoes runs deep, and this warm fingerling + pea shoot salad with pesto and hazelnuts looks like a perfect and very spring-y way to use them.

2. Around my kitchen, a jar of fragrant, tangy and spicy preserved lemons has saved many a bare-fridged weeknight meal. This recipe from Hungry Tigress, featuring cardamom, cayenne, and cloves, is my favorite.

3. It doesn't take long to figure out that green on green (on green) is my go-to color combination. And I've been waiting impatiently for zucchini to hit the nyc greenmarkets so I can make Nancy's delectable-looking and temptingly green tagliardi with zucchini sauce + watercress pesto. (And they're here - yippee!)

4. As far as sweet treats are concerned, I've been drooling over Jessica's gingerbread cake with salted caramel frosting for some time now. If the baking bug bites ... ;)

5. A food-gazing session with the ladies at Canal House Cooks Lunch always leaves me filled with ideas and inspiration. I dare you to scroll through their gorgeous pics over morning coffee and not come away with exactly what you want for dinner. And I love that their gorgeous photos are rustic and not too "done".

And two bonuses, in honor of the first day of June ....

Have you checked out David Lebovitz's essay on finding a great baguette in Paris? If not, it's a fun read. (And I'm now inspired to start some baguette research of my own around nyc.)

And last but not least, this refreshing salad is a good reason to get home-sprouts going again.

Whatever your plans this weekend, I hope your days are filled with laughter, relaxation and rejuvenation, and all the things that make your heart sing.


  1. love canal house too! made a riff on their gnocchi with kale..the nut milk bag is a whey dream and definitely going to try cardamom in preserved lemons! love your list :)

  2. thanks, Jessica! Mmm, the gnocchi with kale sounds fantastic. And glad you had success with the whey; I hardly ever use cheesecloth anymore :)

  3. thanks so much for including my "green on green" in your new Five for Friday.
    I just returned from my little urban garden--two of my cocozelle zucchini plants have giant blooms with tiny zukes at the base. Next week....

  4. Zucchini blossoms - my favorite! Love em stuffed with ricotta. Yum....