June 8, 2012

five for friday {6 / 8 / 12}

Hello there and Happy Friday! Whatcha got planned this weekend?

I'm looking forward to checking out a couple of the local greenmarkets and stopping into my favorite coffee spot for a cortado. The apartment's going to be smelling extra good, since I'll be baking up a couple of batches of my favorite cinnamon orange granola. A friend has asked me to be his Granola Supplier, and he's ordered a batch for himself, plus a few smaller containers to give as gifts. (And I'll make some extra for me and the yogi.)

I'm loving these Friday links  --  the process is helping me keep better track of the interesting recipes, articles, etc, I come across during the week so I can find them again later (whereas bookmarking never seems to work for me - I forget to check the bookmarks menu).

Be well, eat well, and enjoy!

--Sensible and easy-to-pack travel eats. (Justin's nut butter packets are a favorite; I also keep a stash in the office for quick snacks.)

--Keeping this recipe close at hand for the happy day when local corn-on-the-cob arrives (it's got two of my favorites - coconut milk and dry-roasted chilies - double yummm!). I'll start it with coconut oil (instead of veg oil), though.

--Creative, healthy smoothie recipes from Martha Rose Shulman in this week's New York Times. And should you blend up more smoothie than you can drink, here are some fun ideas for the leftovers (two words: fruit leather!).

--Homemade date-sweetened raw chocolate bars sound like a great weekend project (and a good gift idea).

--Fascinating mini-med school presentation about the importance of traditional foods by UCSF integrative physician, Dr. Daphne Miller.


  1. Especially love that last image.

    I'm ready for a cortado. This weekend I'll be baking and processing the hundreds of Plums from our backyard tree, which has had its most bountiful season ever. Hope to post about 'em soon.

  2. Sounds wonderful, Nancy! Can't wait to see your delicious plum creations! How wonderful that they grow right in your own backyard.