June 15, 2012

five for friday {6 / 15 / 2012}

Happy Friday!

It's been a busy week, including an inaugural trip to the Manhattan DMV* for my first-ever NY driver's license; now, after living here for six years, I finally feel like a real New Yorker :)

A couple of greenmarkets (summer squash have arrived in full force).

Yesterday brought a case of the sniffles (warm-weather colds are weird, aren't they?), so I've been on my usual immunity-boosting regimen: lemon-ginger tea, lightly cooked veggies, soups galore (including a delicious new concoction I'll share soon), plenty of rest, and some vitamin D-boosting sunshine time. Seems to be working, which is a good thing, because --

Today's my birthday, and the yogi and I have a date at one of our favorite restaurants. No way I'm out of commission for that!

Here are some links I've been loving this week. Play, relax, enjoy!


A late-spring saute with nettles.

Sprouting mustard seeds - gotta try this.

Mmmmmmm, spicy cherry chutney.

Twist on a classic: Mussels in red wine instead of the usual white.

Ode to parchment paper.

And, because you know I can't resist a bonus ~

The 10 types of foodies and how to handle them.

*I was absolutely dreading my trip to the DMV, but the experience wasn't bad at all - no drama, and much easier/quicker than my last license renewal in NJ. The hardest part was finding the building, since scaffolding along that stretch of Broadway obscured address numbers and signs. For those in the NYC area who might be headed to a DMV soon, here are some survival tips to make your trip go smoothly:

(1) Print and fill out the application form in advance; (2) figure out which pieces of ID you need to bring (info is on the DMV website. Valid US passport + social security card + current driver's license seems to be a fail-safe combination; I also brought a utility bill since my address has changed, but didn't need it). (3) Go mid-month and mid-week to avoid crowds. (4) Go early in the day, before the lines form. (5) If you're trading in an out of state for a NY license (in NYC at least), you must go to the full-service DMV on Broadway (not the DMV Express - this location is for NY renewals only).

Well there you go - random DMV info from a food blog... But hey, why not pass it on :) xoxo


  1. Ha! I think I am partly number 10..the DIY'er.
    Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Manhattan DMV? That sounds like a good post.

    1. thanks, Jessica! you know, the DMV wasn't bad at all - in and out in just 1-1/2 hours, which was about half the time i expected. thought there would be way more drama :) i'm going to add a couple of survival tips to the post.

  2. Spicy cherry chutney, yum. Happy birthday! I hope celebrating helps you feel better.

    1. thanks, Denise!! doesn't that chutney sound fantastic, i've gotta get some cherries and make it soon :) xo

  3. Happy Birthday Weekend, Nancy! Likely my loveliest brunch ever was at Balthazar when visiting the city a few years ago. You and the yogi should have great food and fun. Be well!

    1. thanks, Nancy! It was great, as always - we just love that place :)