March 27, 2011

lemon cardamom granola

This past week I visited a place that is very green and in a gulch. Off the grid. I emptied my mind of all extraneous thoughts, breathed the cleanest air my lungs had seen in quite some time, and listened to a constantly changing orchestra of birds, frogs, water rushing along a stream, and branches rustling in the wind. It was a good week.

March 19, 2011

home-sprouted lentils and quinoa

This week I wanted to mix up my grain-and-bean routine, and with spring right around the corner, decided it was time for some home-grown sprouts.

Green lentils and quinoa seemed good choices, since both happened to be in the pantry and from what I've read they are some of the easiest and quickest seeds to sprout. I didn't use any special sprouting trays or anything, just bowls covered with cheesecloth so the sprouts could breathe but were protected from dust and other undesirables. 

March 12, 2011

around town

For free Friday part two, I decided to wander around an area of the city I don't get to very often -- the east village. After my morning greenmarketing and a lunch of stewed collards and cranberry beans with sourdough rye croutons, I made my way downtown. My new camera arrived yesterday so I brought it along to experiment with. It's a digital SLR, quite a departure from the tiny point-and-shoot I've been using the last few years. It feels substantial in the hands and reminds me of the 35-mm SLR I used during photography classes in high school, which I loved. So much fun to use. 

March 7, 2011

wild mushroom toasts

On Saturday mornings I head down to Hell's Kitchen for a yoga class. After class finishes at noon, I stroll back uptown along 9th avenue, through the transition between HK and the upper west side, and past Lincoln Center. Across from the center's newly redesigned north end I stop at the small but densely stocked Tucker Square greenmarket, which inhabits the triangle created by the intersection of Columbus and Broadway at 66th street. I love the yoga class, but the opportunity to visit the farmer's market afterwards is a huge part of the draw, too.

March 4, 2011

one day / day one

I did not go to work today. It wasn't a vacation day, or a personal day, or a sick day, though. Starting this week I've switched to a part-time schedule at my job; I'll be in the office Mondays through Thursdays and off on Fridays. Going part-time has been on my mind for a couple of years, since right around the time I finished culinary school, and recently things came together in an auspicious way that's allowed it to happen. It's a change, albeit a small one, so it's exciting and a little scary and unfamiliar at the same time.

Today felt kind of odd -- for the first few hours I kept thinking I was late for work, and then it switched to, well, since I'm home on a day I would normally be in the office, clearly I should take advantage of this found time and get something done - like vacuuming the apartment, or cleaning out my closets, or some other productive activity. And in true Gemini fashion, part of me has been thinking it's only one day a week, what difference can that make? while another part exclaims, wow, it's one day, an entire day!

What's in a day, anyway?