May 27, 2011

greenmarket Friday

A morning trip to the greenmarket -- what better way to kick off a warm and sunny Friday and a long holiday weekend?

See those rhubarb stalks on the front table? I snagged them.

I am sensing a strawberry and rhubarb concoction in my future...I've been thinking about this whole-grain loaf cake for a while.

The grand tally for today: strawberries, rhubarb, two hothouse tomatoes, a bunch of green garlic, asparagus, cilantro, dill, two bunches of purple kale, mustard greens, a dozen eggs from Raghoo farms, and a quart of whole, unhomogenized, cream-on-top milk from Ronnybrook.

My little apartment fridge doesn't know what hit it.

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. I love visiting markets to kick start the weekend! Have a good one!

  2. this place looks amazing! (Thanks for all the great recommendations by the way!)

  3. I feel my serotonin going up just by you being at that market!

  4. thanks, Maria :)

    Lady Grey - it's such a lovely market. And you're welcome - hope you enjoy your visit!

    LB - totally; a trip to the farm market always restores my faith in humanity.

  5. I am ready to run down to our market and gather the latest. Strawberries are almost gone, but peaches are starting to come in! A great weekend for cooking and eating--I'm sure you will enjoy all your market purchases in some delicious and creative way.

  6. Oh, the greenmarket. I am so obsessed with rhubarb! Just had a delicious slice of rhubarb bread last week. Kinda perfect.

  7. Enjoy all of your fabulous food. Thanks for the link to the rhubarb walnut bread. It looks superb.