March 12, 2011

around town

For free Friday part two, I decided to wander around an area of the city I don't get to very often -- the east village. After my morning greenmarketing and a lunch of stewed collards and cranberry beans with sourdough rye croutons, I made my way downtown. My new camera arrived yesterday so I brought it along to experiment with. It's a digital SLR, quite a departure from the tiny point-and-shoot I've been using the last few years. It feels substantial in the hands and reminds me of the 35-mm SLR I used during photography classes in high school, which I loved. So much fun to use. 

It was a beautiful day - blue skies and temperatures in the mid-50s. Perfect weather for exploring.

Things are sprouting! Spring is springing up. These shoots (crocuses?) inspired me to get some edible sprouts going in the kitchen - green lentil and quinoa. More on those soon.

I passed by Momofuku Milk Bar but did not go in for fear I would be helpless in the face of their Crack Pie and end up in sugar shock.

I stopped at Ost, an espresso bar on east 12th street at Avenue A that I've been wanting to check out.

It's a cute place, with a mellow crowd and friendly baristas. I had a cappuccino at the bar and read the Sicily issue of Saveur. Which made me very hungry. 

After Ost I walked a little further south to meet Adena for an early bird dinner at Gabrielle Hamilton's restaurant Prune, on east 1st street between 1st and 2nd Ave.  I'd like to read her memoir soon.

I ordered a pink drink called an Italian Greyhound, a blend of ruby grapefruit juice and vodka with rosemary. Bright and fruity and refreshing. Adena had a Junipero gibson (in the background), intense and herbaceous and finished with a house-pickled pearl onion. We loved the glass it was served in - very Mad Men.

Enjoy the weekend, and remember to spring ahead!


  1. I'd love an Italian Greyhound right about now. It seems the perfect cocktail to brighten up this grey afternoon.

  2. What kind of DSLR did you go with? I don't think I could live without my 5D, love the weight in my hands.

    Also jealous that things are sprouting in your neighborhood. We still have some snowmen in the yard.

  3. Thanks, Denise!

    Hi Beloved Green - I got the Canon Rebel XS. Now that I have it, I can't believe I waited so long to get a digital SLR. So much fun to use. The 5D looks amazing, too.

  4. I'd love an early dinner at Prune; what pretty cocktails.
    It's always heartening to come across those first shoots of spring--the crocuses are so dear.
    Nice shots! I know you'll enjoy your new camera.

  5. I feel like I had a city visit .. delightful!

    Gabrielle Hamilton's book is at our Barnes & Noble, and I've been visiting it. It's really, really good, and I think I will buy it at some point. I can't be the only one wondering what you had for your early dinner at Prune!

  6. I think we were separated at birth! I have been putting off buying a DSLR too (fear of having to learn another technical thing), but the Rebel is the one I always figured I'd get. After being so frustrated with my pics lately, it is imminent. I will be happy to see your evolution. Congrats! (oh, and last year when I was in NY, I wanted to go to momofuku but missed it).

  7. Thanks ladies!

    Becky - I started with the roasted marrow bones + parsley salad, their signature dish. Tasty and, wow, insanely rich. An experience :) For the main I tried a special of seared skate with stewed artichoke hearts. All in all, nicely done comfort food.

    LB - how funny -- hope you go for the Rebel soon! I haven't read the instruction manual yet (of course...) but I'm sure I'll get around to it one of these days :)

  8. Oooh. That does it. I have 2 packages of marrow bones in the freezer, and a bunch of deep emerald parsley from the CSA. Stewed artichoke hearts? Whoever knew! I hate to fly, but Prune just might get me on a plane.