February 6, 2011

this weekend

Since we're watching the Super Bowl right now, I thought it would be a good time to post some images from the weekend. (If anything exciting happens, I'll catch it on the replay.)

 There was lunch at the recently opened Mooncake Foods, 54th St near 9th Ave. I had fish tacos with spicy hoisin sauce. Yum.

 And shiitakes from the mushroom guy at the Saturday Lincoln Square greenmarket (plus a maitake he threw in as a bonus). Sauteed in butter and sprinkled with Maldon sea salt and black pepper, crazy good. I need to cook with maitakes more - so intensely earthy, the aroma reminded me of black truffle.

 Coconut chicken soup with Thai red curry and kale.

Pear ginger muffins, for the yogi (recipe coming soon).


  1. fun pics :) waiting for the recipes !

  2. thanks :) I'll try to get the pear ginger muffin recipe up this week!

  3. fun weekend images---what a great looking lunch at Mooncakes (love the name)---but I am especially envious of your greenmarket mushroom score! I have never heard of maitakes, wow. I can only imagine the deep earthy flavors...crazy good, no doubt!

  4. thanks, Nancy! This was the first time I've seen maitakes sold fresh. They are supposed to be one of the most immune-supportive fungi out there. Doesn't a miso-maitake soup sound good....I'll have to get on that soon :)