February 1, 2011

hello, february

 Well....I did it!

My new year's intention to post here every day during the month of January has officially been fulfilled! 31 days, 31 posts. Whew.

I learned that daily posting really makes time fly. When I wasn't actually posting, I was thinking about what to post, running out to gather ingredients, making grand (and delicious) messes in the kitchen, wandering the blogosphere looking for interesting tidbits to share, and snapping lots of photos. Inhabiting this space more regularly inspired me to think about things in different ways and devise some new combinations. Quite fun.

Now I'd like to keep the momentum going. There is so much more to explore, and my little Moleskine notebook is filled with possibilities. Stay tuned - who knows what February will bring?

For the time being, here's a recap of the top 5 posts during my January blogging spree. Enjoy!

1 ::: An homage to Rowan Jacobsen's book American Terroir.

2 ::: A creamy and comforting root vegetable soup - a snap to prepare and perfect for a cold winter day. (And which another Nancy liked enough to write about on her beautiful blog - thanks, Nancy!)

3 ::: A weekly round-up of food news, coffee geekery, and things I am coveting at the moment.

4 ::: More on coffee (and prana).

5 ::: Everybody loves kale! (Yay, kale!)


  1. Congrats! I have fallen behind with my blog reading in the past week, but I have been marveling your fortitude and regularity! (whoa, did that just sound like a laxative commercial?) : )

  2. who knows, indeed! lots of possibilities.happy groundhog's day!
    looking forward---

  3. Cooped up in my basement in Morristown reading your blog. Didn't realize you had vowed to post for the whole of Feb. No wonder I got your postings everyday duh. Wish I was at my new place already because that root soup looks simply divine. Next week I begin cooking. Nancy you should be working for a food magazine. I absolutely love the way you write. Beautiful

  4. ha - lentil breakdown, you cracked me up! I think blogging every day could be compared to a mental laxative of sorts (a 'mind dump' as they say in advertising though I hate that term!)

    nancy - happy groundhog's day! thanks for sticking around, I always look forward to your comments :)

    Hi Janice!! yes I was posting every day during january; that's why your inbox was inundated with my posts! Can't wait to see pics of your new place; I know you'll be cooking up a storm, too. Enjoy your snow/ice storm day off :)

  5. Gorgeous photos! Nice links, too :) I bought kale for the first time this week! (Not my first time eating it, but my first time cooking it myself) and I love love love it!

  6. Also-I see the blogs you follow, some of them are about Maine, but you live in NY? Do you visit Maine?

    I live here and have grown up here (on the midcoast) and am always interested in people's fascination with Maine.

  7. Hi Sofi - thanks! Your blog is lovely as well! Glad you've jumped on the kale bandwagon, too :) I'll be posting some more recipes with it soon, just can't resist.

    I grew up in NJ (and live in NY), but my family often vacationed in Maine and I've always loved it there. Sometimes I daydream about moving to a little cabin and being a Maine homesteader :) Midcoast is one area I haven't really explored yet but I look forward to visiting - I've heard Camden is a great town.

  8. I noticed that you posted a lot, but had no idea you had vowed to post daily! I thought you were just trying to make the rest of us feel like slackers. Kidding! I am fascinated by what happens when we live intentionally.

  9. Hi Becky - it was an interesting experiment! Amazing what we can do when we put our minds to something.