January 22, 2011

green chile, to go

Hey all you green chile addicts out there - you never need to be far from your next fix, because green chile is now available in convenient to-go packets.

Given my general aversion to processed and packaged foods, I was a little bit wary when I first encountered these single-serves. But check it out, just three ingredients in there: flame-roasted green chiles, lime juice, garlic salt (okay, 4 ingredients since garlic salt = garlic + salt), and no preservatives or other artificial ingredients. Although they don't brag about it on the package, 505 Southwestern states on their website that they use only Hatch green chiles in their products (during my chile education from the yogi, I learned that Hatch, New Mexico, is the mecca of green chiles). So this is the real deal.

One morning, wanting something different for breakfast, I slathered some green chile on top of a mashed avocado and ate it on crispbreads. Delicious. The sauce is impeccably fresh-tasting and brings the clear, clean heat of green chile (I tried the medium variety so it wasn't too spicy but still delivered a nice kick of heat), balanced by acidity from the lime and rounded out with a hint of garlic.

Simply tuck a packet of green chile into the back pocket of your stonewashed jeans, and you're set. I can see bringing a packet or two to brunch to top scrambled eggs, in place of my usual Tabasco.

Thanks to Adena, who received the green chile packets as a gift and shared them with me!


  1. I was ALL excited! Thinking you had found a source for these in NYC!
    This item IS straight from NM!! and the BEST! Happy Day!

  2. I don't know if they carry the 505 brand at stores in ny, I've never seen it before. Whole Foods carries the Hatch brand green chiles in a can so we've been putting those in the green chile sauces & stew when we make them. Not bad - but one of these days I will have to mail-order the frozen, roasted chiles straight from Hatch!