January 28, 2011

friday foodie round-up

With a new editor-in-chief and publisher at the helm, many changes are afoot at Bon Appetit, including a campaign refresh (an example of which is above) aimed at recruiting 'the forgotten foodie.' Conde Nast switched my subscription over to BA for a few months after giving Gourmet the axe in 2009. I didn't renew - just couldn't get past the congealed-looking food on the cover - but there's a chance I'll check out a future issue to see what the new BA has to offer. (Photo from The New York Times)

This week Mark Bittman hung up his apron at The Minimalist, his weekly column in The New York Times' Dining section. And, he's sharing 25 of his all-time favorite recipes from the column (now on my grocery list: garbanzo flour to make socca). Not to worry, Bittman will still be writing for the Times in various capacities.

Images from a beautiful new food-as-art cookbook by chef Rene Redzepi of the Copenhagen restaurant Noma. (Photos from the Kitchn)
I've fallen down the rabbit hole of coffee snobbery. Now that I've converted from a French press to a Chemex for my morning brew (and have a burr grinder on order, too. Oh, my), I'm eyeing the elegant, beehive-shaped Hario Buono drip kettle and imagining myself achieving perfectly even grounds saturation without increasing my risk of carpal-tunnel syndrome. And speaking of coffee snobbery, you might enjoy this very funny article by Frank Bruni (eek, nearly blinded by a Chemex - all in the name of research!) (Photo from Remodelista)

My favorite farmer had chicken feet at the greenmarket this morning, so I'll be simmering up a batch of gelatin-rich stock in the next couple of days. What do you have cooking this weekend?


  1. Silver-washed mug? You'll have to move out here to Colorado so it won't tarnish so quickly. I'm making a huge pot of tomato sauce. I had exciting dinner plans today on the slopes... was going to make homemade pasta with my sauce and a bunch of other side dishes. But after a hard day skiing... not such huge plans anymore. Pasta tomorrow with left-over sauce. Tonight is just grilled ciabatta with sauce.

  2. Ha! True enough, I'd be hauling out the silver polish pretty often if I had one of these :)