January 26, 2011

brown bagging

Manhattan's midtown east, where I spend my weekdays, offers myriad lunch options; unfortunately, most of them manage to be both pricey and underwhelming in the flavor department. To avoid battling it out with the swarms of hungry office workers at dubious salad bars and souperies, I bring a homemade lunch as often as possible. I tend to carry my goodies in whatever small, reusable shopping bag I have around, which usually ends up being a whole foods or lululemon bag. Yawn. Plus, the bags I use have open tops, so there's nothing to keep out the rain (or snow, like this morning). A few days ago I saw this article on stylin' lunch totes in The New York Times, and it inspired me to update my lunch bag. Turns out that fun, colorful, and functional lunch-toting options abound; though I haven't committed to one just yet, here are some great totes I've found around the webosphere.

This cheerful oilcloth bag might elicit smiles on the morning commute, as much as such a thing is possible among an undercaffeinated crowd on a crammed subway car. (Photo from Etsy)

I love the irreverent prints on these simple linen canvas bags. Plus, they're lined with waterproof nylon in case of a spill. (Now, if they only had a closable top, too.) (Photo from Etsy

And, winning the most likely to be indestructible award, a neoprene lunch purse from Built. I'm leaning toward this tote for its shoulder-length handles, great for the mass-transit-riding among us, and secure top zipper. (Photo from Built)


  1. I am putting off going to the kitchen to figure out dinner, so have time to study this. The Built lunch purse definitely gets my vote. Capacious, stylish, and even insulated. Looks comfortable shoulder-wise, too.

  2. Hi Becky - that makes two of us! I think that's the one.