December 21, 2010

new scandinavian cooking

Map of Scandinavia and Northern Europe

Over the weekend I discovered a show on PBS (WLIW in my area) called New Scandinavian Cooking. As you know, I have been obsessed with all things Scandinavian (especially those of the edible variety) since I visited Stockholm a few months ago and feasted for a week on gravlax, herring, Swedish meatballs, delectable boiled potatoes, lingonberries, and ungodly amounts of cream sauce.

The episode's theme was Swedish Christmas. The host, a Swedish chef named Tina Nordstrom, gave a tour of a full holiday smorgasbord (complete with lutefisk, which scares me a bit!), showed how to make a  freshly boiled and baked ham crusted with mustard and crumbled gingersnaps, and the traditional Swedish Christmas dish brown cabbage (basically green cabbage sauteed in butter with a drizzle of golden syrup until tender and caramelized). It was exciting. (I was oohing and aahing throughout, exclaiming things like "look at the crust on that ham!" - the yogi was laughing from the next room while I was watching).

Check out the show's website - they have loads of traditional recipes (I'm looking forward to making this one in particular), and great videos, too (although the scenery can distracting at times!).

Update 1/20/2011:
Gee, I just realized clips of New Scandinavian Cooking clips are also available on youtube. Check out Norwegian Chef Andreas Viestad making a luscious dark chocolate cake with cloudberries! More a ganache than an actual cake, it's a mixture of melted chocolate, butter, cognac, and a little coffee, chilled until solid and garnished with semi-frozen blueberries and gold-hued cloudberries. (The recipe is posted with the video here, just click on the MFA Norway comment below the video.)


  1. synchronicity--a friend just emailed me the link to a website
    "Scandinavian Grace" that you might enjoy. It's a compendium of compelling designs for the home.

  2. Hi Nancy. That show has been on for several years and they keep changing hosts. It's very refreshing to watch a cooking show filmed outdoors (although I haven't seen it in a long time. That's how they used to do it). Happy New Year!