July 31, 2010

for your reading pleasure

Happy weekend!

It's sunny, not too hot (expected high around 80 -- yippee!) and blessedly not humid in nyc today. I'm enjoying a lazy Saturday morning in my new reading chair, parked in front of the one window in my apartment that does not directly face a brick wall (I just refer to the other views as my almost exposed brick. Very desirable.). There is a lovely breeze, and it doesn't even have that nyc-in-the-summer-smell (you know what I mean). The window faces the back of a small monastery and church, and sometimes I see a few Franciscan monks out on their little patio, enjoying their morning brew. And smoking, oddly enough. Not this morning, though.

I'm in the last throes of a summer cold, sipping a cup of strong-brewed British breakfast tea with raw honey, lime, and ginger juice. Perfect. That's my trusty aloe plant on the window sill. It was especially helpful this week after a rogue mosquito invaded my apartment and bit me about 12 times, before I finally staked it out and annihilated it.

On that note, I'd like to share a few interesting articles from the NY Times that I've been reading this morning.

Food scientist Harold McGee discusses the flavor-enhancing effects of adding water to coffee, cocktails, and wine. Water balances and heightens aromatic qualities, particularly in "hot" high-alcohol wines. Well, heck, the ancient Greeks added water to their (very strong) wine, and so did my Italian grandmother who lived to 97, so this might be something to try. Read more about it here.

A little-known secret in medical education: the Mount Sinai Humanities in Medicine Program, which accepts a (small) number of students who haven't taken organic chemistry, physics, or the MCAT as undergrads. Here.

Here's an article about Wiscasset, Maine, home to the popular lobster shack Red's Eats. Red's seems to be Wiscasset's a blessing and its curse, bringing in booming business, and tons of traffic, all summer long. (I'll link to anything about Maine. Oh, Maine, how I love you.)

Okay, one more. If you're in the mood for a simple tofu dish this weekend, consider Mark Bittman's tofu and celery salad with spicy chili oil, which he's adapted from the nyc restaurant Szechuan Gourmet. The only thing not so simple about the recipe is that it calls for pressed tofu and Chinese celery, which might require a special trip to an Asian market (ooh, but you could also pick up some lychees while you're there - yum).

Now I'm off to soft-cook a couple of farmers' market eggs for breakfast. Then a stroll around the reservoir in central park.



  1. wonderful post dear...very interesting...!

  2. Happy foraging at the markets! Lovely posting!

  3. I'm definitely going to try that water trick... I'm intrigued!
    Have a great weekend!