May 18, 2010

quick skillet-toasted nori

Update 2/22/11: Also see my recipe for spicy, oven-toasted nori chips with wasabi and hot sesame oil - light-years better than the packaged variety!


Nori is one of my favorite sea vegetables. Ubiquitous in sushi rolls, it's also delicious on its own, lightly toasted.

I arrived home from work one evening ravenous and craving a quick snack before going out for a run. Remembering the sheets of nori in the pantry, I cut a few sheets into strips with kitchen shears, heated a little extra-virgin olive oil (could also use sesame oil) in a cast iron pan over medium-high heat, and toasted the pieces of nori on both sides until crispy, about 1 minute per side.

Set the nori strips on paper towel to remove any excess oil, sprinkle with sesame seeds, and there you have it - a quick and easy, natural snack.


  1. I do love turning vegetables into chips. They can be astonishing.

  2. Hmmmm. Not sure what I think about this one, Nancy. Next time I have it in the house, I'll try it and let you know!

  3. Lovely!! I've never tried such a thing, but I've been having such fun toasting other veggies and things, that I'm quite sure it will be just dandy. :-)

  4. I love nori.... but have never tried it this way. Looks and sounds fabulous. I love a quick snack too. I'm definitely going to try this!

  5. Hy Nancy,
    Fab recipe with lovely presentation.
    Def gonna try tempting ...
    Do drop in at my blog sometime.

  6. That's a great & lovely idea, dear nancy!! That's the way to go!

    Healthy& noutrious too!

  7. Actually this is my favorite snacks...

  8. How excellent. I am traveling to the Asian market in the very near future to pick up some up some nori to give this a try. Cool blog- I am glad I found it.

  9. Clever, simple, nutritious, and fun! Great thinking!

  10. I'll be posting a nori recipe soon, it's very similar but without the crunch of the seeds

  11. Thanks for the idea I am sure it is lovely if you like nori; I will pass this tip along to my brother who does, he will be grateful!

  12. hi and thanks for the comments!

    Claudia - I am such a veggie chip fanatic! If they're in front of my I just can't stop eating them. These are my "safe" chips since I can indulge without suffering any consequences :)

    Barbara - Ha ha! Hope you give it a try, the toasting process actually mellows the nori flavor quite a bit and adds nuttiness.

    Lady Grey - thanks! I am a snacker and a nibbler, so always looking for ways to make a quick bite.

    thanks, Jay!

    thanks, Sophie!

    Hi Elra - glad you're enjoying this too!

    Welcome, Cocina Savant - Thanks for stopping by. I checked out your blog and it's great!

    Hi Momgateway - welcome and thanks for your comment; looking forward to your nori recipe.

    Hi tasteofbeirut - thanks, and hop your brother enjoys the chips!

  13. Hi Rambling Tart - let us know how you like it!