July 21, 2009

Sustainable Seafood Guide

Check out this post from Tara Parker-Pope of the New York Times Well blog on sustainable seafood options. The article also includes a link to a great resource from California's Monterey Bay Aquarium: a seafood watch pocket guide. The guide categorizes varieties of fish, shellfish, and mollusks as:
  • Best choices: those that are abundant, well managed, and caught or farmed in environmentally friendly ways
  • Good alternatives: these are an option, although concerns exist regarding how the seafood is caught or farmed or the health of their habitat due to other human impacts
  • Avoid: seafood caught or farmed in ways that harm other marine life or the environment

Click on the your state for a customized, up-to-date guide for your region. I just printed out the Northeast version to have on hand at the seafood counter and in restaurants.


  1. Oh this is soooooo great a post. As you might imagine seafood is popular menu item with home cooks and hotels alike. Very little though is being done to manage our seafood stocks. You read my mind with this post as I have been researching the matter myself and hoping to post something on this very topic next month.

  2. Thanks, WizzyTheStick! It's great to have a source that is frequently updated, since the designations can change quite often.

    I'm looking forward to reading more about this - can you let me know when your post is up?