June 24, 2009

Another Use for Radish Tops

The Dag (not D'Agostino, but the little Greenmarket in Dag Hammerskjold plaza!) has had lovely big red radishes recently, leaving me with lots of radish tops. I used to throw them away, thinking they were inedible (the horror!) but now I know better...So I tried making radish leaf pesto, which was delicious.
Since I also wanted to taste the radish tops cooked, I decided to make a quick dinner of radish leaves sauteed with young onions, also from the Dag. I tore the radish leaves in half and washed them in a big bowl, changing the water several times since they still had lots of dirt clinging to them.

Then I chopped a couple of little spring onions (also using the pale green part of the stalks closest to the bulb, but discarding the tough, darker green portions). I sauteed the onion in a couple of tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil with a pinch of sea salt. When the onion softened and became translucent, I stirred in the radish leaves and another pinch of sea salt. Cooked the radish leaves until tender (I covered the pot for a couple of minutes to let them steam), added black pepper, and ate a heap of them on top of polenta I had gussied up with butter, XVOO, and freshly grated parmesan.

The radish leaves were a little bitter, which I love, and had a hint of pepperiness, a perfect match for the mellow and savory polenta. A delicious, light weeknight dinner!

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