May 13, 2009

Dag Hammarskjold Plaza Greenmarket

A glimmer of hope in the Vast Culinary Wasteland of midtown east: a greenmarket in Dag Hammarsjold plaza, on East 47th st between 2nd and 1st Ave.

I don't explore this neighborhood much - basically I come here for work and then escape as quickly as possible to other areas of town. So it's not much of a surprise that it's taken me more than a year to discover a farmer's market just 5 blocks away.

The market is on the smallish side - several fruit and veg vendors, baker, seafood guy...maybe as the season progresses more purveyors will be there. It's open year-round, every Wednesday from 8am-6pm.

It was very refreshing to get out ot the office for a few minutes this afternoon to check out the asparagus, spring onions, ramps - and rhubarb! I would've stocked up, but I'm going out to dinner tonight (finally checking out one of the momofukus!) and didn't want to lug around a bag of produce. Next time. I see rhubarb in my future.


  1. I love the name Dag Hammarsjold. Always have; I don't know why. I think it makes me think of Vikings. Now I'll think of Vikings at a farmer's market:)

  2. yes isn't that the best name ever! After googling Dag H., discovered that he's the only person to have received the Nobel Peace Prize posthumously. I love wikipedia :)