April 10, 2009

Fermentation Friday

Today was Friday, which means in the kitchen it's Special Fermentation Day. All around the kitchen are German ceramic crocks filled with various types of krauts, kimchis, and other types of fermenting vegetable mixtures. Today we made a sauerruben with turnips and rutabaga, sliced paper thin with the Hobart, Lima sea salt, brown and yellow mustard seeds, dill seeds, and ground horseradish for an extra kick. After combining all the ingredients until the veggies released lots of liquid for a nice brine, we packed them in crocks. The ruben tasted good today and will be even better in about 6 weeks when it is nicely fermented, full of probiotics and ready to eat.

Then a couple of boxes of chickens were delivered from Hoffman Farms and we butchered and froze them. More knife-skills practice.

Tomorrow the Saturday Berkeley Farmers Market! Can't wait to explore the goodies. Went to a small outdoor market yesterday and got wonderful local oranges and strawberries. I'm getting spoiled, this is the best eating town ever.

But after 6 straight days in the kitchen I am tired - it's not an easy transition from corporate drone to being on your feet and actually creating things all day.

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