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Philadelphia 76ers at the time of buy cheap jordans the Indiana Pacers, the former guard Tony • Rothen worn by Jordan (Air Jordan) accident off the soles of shoes, so the scene was unparalleled. Jordan has exposed the media after the game Rothen brokers call to apologize, but with Hou Luoteng through social networks did not apologize, cheap jordans, the false reports are derived from his own joke.

In the US local time on March 21, Rothen on Twitter news release said, "Jordan did not apologize to me, I was just joking with the local media that Jordan should do it, do not know the media will be misquoted." Meanwhile, cheap jordan shoes spokesman Portnoy also denied media reports, saying "Rothen Jordan shoes not sponsor, but he did receive the appropriate compensation from the parent company at Nike." However, this incident did not cheap real jordans affect the 76ers rookie, Rothen in the next game against the Bulls still wear Jordan shoes appearances, this time, the shoes without any problems.

Philadelphia local media website "philly" reported that occur every week cheap jordans online off things, they even use the "infamous" to describe the brand of shoes, but that does not seem to hinder the rise in its price. Jordan shoes audience mainly some young people have not read cheap jordans for sale game, of course, to Jordan for the players is the idol of the brand's loyal fans. Rothen many times this season, 76 people wearing matching Jordan shoes, but not all the shoes can meet his needs, such as from the end of "Red Steel" series. For players, for a pair of shoes is not a big deal; but since Jordan's image as the brand's logo appears on the "night", the product quality is sufficient to pay attention to.

In order to get a pair of shoes, fans of Jordan shoes (Air Jordan hereinafter referred to as AJ), will increase even queuing overnight to buy a pair of shoes original one thousand yuan, or even fired onto million price. buy jordans online to create a personal brand, 2013 AJ shoe retail sales in the United States amounted to $ 2.25 billion. This is a business legend Michael Jordan and Nike created marriage. Recently, however, jordans for cheap has said he will end partnership with Nike for 30 years. From Jordan shoes will disappear? Some Chongqing shoe fans in an interview with the Chongqing Morning News reporter, appeared very calm, said that "breaking rumor" AJ might push up the price of shoes in the market.

According to US media reports, Jordan last week in an interview with a local radio interview that he will end the partnership with Nike for 30 years. AJ launch new shoes every year, each with a cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge fashion of the times, and now has to AJ28 generation. According to media reports, cheap authentic jordans himself gradually diverge in terms of creativity and quality. "I've never really been involved in shoe sales, but this is recognized as the best sports shoes, the quality of the past few years, but far from satisfactory, and I refuse to continue to go on like this." Jordan said.

If you cancel the partnership with Nike, Jordan, with trapeze LOGO engraved version probably will not exist yet? cheap retro jordans simply replied thus: "From 2015 onwards, the brand will cease to exist, as to whether I would create another sportswear brand next thing anyone can say for sure what I want more out of time with?? accompany my new wife and a pair of twins. "